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The Global Supply Chain Finance Forum appoints Christian Hausherr as its new Chairman

Earlier today, October 16th, The Global Supply Chain Finance Forum announced the appointment of its new Chair, in the form of Christian Hausherr.

The forum was formed back in 2014 as the joint initiative of Bankers Association for Finance and Trade (BAFT), the ICC Banking Commission, Factors Chain International (FCI), the International Trade and Forfaiting Association (ITFA) and the Europe Banking Association (EBA).

As per reports Christian Hausherr, the former Deutsche Bank’s European Product Head of Supply Chain Finance will now be the Chair of the forum.

In a statement Hausherr said, “So far, SCF is one of the trade products growing at an incredible pace, and undoubtedly Uptake of the Standard Definitions has been really promising, going forward it does require further work to make sure of the alignment of a complex ecosystem of stakeholders that are occupied in international supply chains.”

Hausherr further said, “I feel extremely delighted to spearhead this important initiative, as this need of engagement has also been underlined by recent developments in the accounting treatment of certain techniques.”

The purpose for which the forum was established was to publish, champion and develop agreed standard market definitions for Supply Chain Finance.

Also, quite notably Hauscherr had quite the prominent role to play in drafting the Wolfsberg/ICC/BAFT Trade Finance Principles and Standard Definitions.