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Prime Minister of Ethiopia announces the appointment of a new defense and finance cabinet

Ethiopia Announcement

For the purpose of leading a program of sweeping economic and political reforms in the fast-growing economy, on Tuesday, October 16th, the Prime Minister of Ethiopia named a new cabinet member that included new ministers of defence and finance.

Speaking on the announcement, Fitsum Arega, the Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff said, “ Nearly half of the posts now belong to women, that includes key ministries of Defence, Peace, and Trade industry.”

As per reports, due to the cabinet reshuffle, the number of ministerial positions dropped from 28 to 20.

Muferiat Kamil has been appointed to the newly created ministry of peace, assigned with the job of delivering national reconciliation and Aisha Mohammed has been appointed to the ministry of defence. In addition to that former government spokesperson, Mr Ahmed Shide has been made the new minister of Finance.

Ever since coming to power back in April, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has committed to major reforms of Ethiopia’s tightly controlled state.

During his ongoing tenure, Prime Minister Ahmed has ended a 20-year war with neighbouring Eritrea along with making a promise to open doors to foreign investments in key industries, he has also overseen the release of thousands of political prisoners.

Significantly even his most ardent supporters were surprised with the pace of the changes, although the relaxation of government restrictions on freedom of expression has proven to be a good move as the percentage of ethnic and political violence has dropped down.